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Fixing Batted Ball Statistics with Statcast

This piece was published by The Hardball Times:


Battery Allowed Baserunning (BAB): What it is and why you need it


Nearly every aspect of baseball has been quantified by a sophisticated modern statistic. I took an underrepresented aspect, the baserunning allowed by the battery (pitcher and catcher), and quantified the performance of each team’s battery in this area. The statistic I created, which I title Battery Allowed Baserunning (BAB), melds the ability of the battery to prevent runners from stealing bases with their ability to prevent runners from advancing on pitches that get by the catcher. I combined these two disciplines by weighting each by their respective run value (the average change in runs scored by the opposition as a result of the given event). I found each team’s resulting BAB value for each season from 2003 to 2014, as well as their values for each of the two disciplines I referenced (preventing stealing and preventing advancement on balls that get by the catcher).

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